Welcome to Mathews Chapel United Methodist Church.

We are a faith community rooted in relationships with God and with each other. There are many educational opportunities from Sunday School to Bible/Small Group studies for all ages.  We encourage individuals and groups to engage in service and ministry utilizing their talents, gifts and passions. 

Sunday Worship is at 11am and Christian Education for All ages begins at 9:45 am.

Join us as we grow together, and learn how to live into the fullness of relationships through Jesus Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Lisa R. Blackmonson


Upcoming EventsFeb. 27 - Bible Study, "Symbols, Colors, and The Christian Year", 10 am.

Mar. 20 - Prayer Study 10 am.

Mar. 20 - Kingston Parish Soup With Love

Mar. 21 - Trustees Meeting 7 pm.

Mar. 24 - Lent 3

Mar. 24 - Confirmation Class 12-2

Mar, 24 - Food Sunday

Mar. 26 - Missions 6 pm. Council 7 pm.

Mar. 27 - Prayer Study 10 am.

Mar. 27 - Kingson Parish Soup With Love

Mar. 31 - Lent 4

Mar. 31 - CLMR Report

Aor, 3 - Prayer Study 10 am.

Apr. 3 - Kingson Parish Soup With Love

Apr. 10 - Prayer Study 10 am.

Apr. 10 - Kingson Parish Soup With Love

Apr. 18 - Esther Gitobu will be at our Maundy Thursday Service






Please do not use 2018 envelopes after the end of the year since the numbers have changed.

Please put the amount on the outside of your envelope. You do not need to put the name on the envelope. Thank You! 

 Please remember to follow-up on your prayer list. Please fill out a prayer request card for Diane and remember that names will be removed after four weeks if no other information is provided. Names can be added back to the prayer list at any time. 

 Please let Rev. Lisa know if you would like to join the Wednesday Bible Study Group. New study starts Jan. 23rd. Come study and share with your church family.

The church has an abundance of donated books that are not longer on the UMW reading list. They will be displayed in the fellowship hall. Please take all that interest you. Any remaining books will be donated to the Friends of the Mathews Library.