Christian Formation Groups


Mathews Chapel has 8 Sunday School Classes that meet at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday.

Nursery - for children Kindergarten and under.

Lower Elementary - for children 1st - 3rd grades

Upper Elementary - for children 4 - 6th grades

Inside OutThe Inside Out S.S. class is made up of basically 7-12 grades, a teenage class. Our name describes our mission. We are changing on the inside every time we learn more about scripture and discover what God wants us to know. As a result His love shows on our outsides. We also take what we learn inside of our church class and go outside of our “safe zone” to share Christ with all those we meet. Our focus tends to be giving back because we know God has given us much. This comes in many forms but some examples have been organizing VBS, youth services, baking cookies for Kairos, or making dinner for those in need. We invite you to join us as we grow in Christ together.

Young Adults - 18 - 30

Friendship Class - The Friendship Class is comprised of adults of a wide age range. We serve many missions throughout the year both locally and far-reaching. Some of these efforts include: taking baskets to the homebound and others in the community at Christmas and Easter, making and selling sub sandwiches to fund projects, supporting missionaries, donating when there is a need in the church or community, makng school kits for children in other countries, and serving the church whenever there is a need. Class studies cover a variety of subjects from in-depth study of individual Books of the Bible to topical studies during the seasons of Lent and Advent, This group is one of prayer, fellowship, missions and serving Christ in the church community and world.

True Helpers Class-

Myrtle Matthews Class -


Bible Studies are held throughout the year. 

The current study is the Covenant Bible Study. Three 8-episode segments each explore a different aspect of Covenant life. Each will examine what Covenant means and the progression of a Covenant relationship with God.

The first segment - Creating Covenant -  how the Covenant community is created and established.

The second segment - Living the Covenant - how the community wisely lives out their covenant in faithful love.

The third segment - Trusting the Covenant - how the community and individuals are restored to hope -- to trust God when troubling things happen.

Covenant represents a relationship—a living, breathing conversation. All are invited you to join in it.